Power Up With Resistacap Energy Products!

Original Equipment Manufacturers have relied on Resistacap for over 30 years for dependable, high-performance battery and battery pack applications. Resistacap works within your schedule and your budget from new product introduction (NPI) and pre-production to high volume product maturity.

Resistacap Energy Products provides custom battery design assistance that will allow you to complete your product development on time, on budget, and to spec. Our veteran in-house design capabilities reduce lead-time and result in prototypes that provide you with the custom design options that today’s advanced technologies demand.

We are proud to serve the following Industries with a variety of complex, leading-edge applications.

  • Medical

    Infusion pumps, portable X-ray systems, respirators, defibrillators, surgical tools, patient monitoring devices, motorized beds and carts, and muscle stimulators

  • Hand Held Electronics

    Printers, portable data terminals, measurement devices, data collection devices, gas detection systems, and image capture devices

  • Safety and Security

    Night vision cameras, surveillance equipment, thermal imaging devices, wearable gas detection systems, respirators, and personal alarms.

  • Military and Aerospace

    Supporting both government and commercial customers a wide variety of applications.

Resistacap produces superior quality designs using cost-efficient battery technologies.
Our franchised manufacturing partners include:

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