Resistacap Custom Battery Pack Design

When you connect with Resistacap, you have over thirty years of experience in product engineering behind your application. We specialize in the design and custom assembly of the highest quality and most dependable battery packs in the industry. Product Safety is a top priority and we pass that along to all of our valued customers.

Benefits of Resistacap Battery Packs

  • Integration: Battery packs may be designed to integrate with other electrical and mechanical components such as protective circuitry, electronic protection devices, indicator lights, and heating or cooling components.
  • Precision: A custom battery pack provides precision in voltage, current, and battery capacities. Accuracy in these design parameters results in safer products that provide your customers with more stable and longer run times, greater reliability, and better performance overall.
  • Reliability: Welded connections between cells will not weaken as spring contacts often do. Battery packs also prevent the consumer from attempting hit-or-miss battery replacement, which may lead to dissatisfaction with the product.
  • Safety: With today’s demand for safety requirements, Resistacap can help you determine the best method of connecting each design parameter to the next. “A mid-sized company with big company practices,” we provide the technology while ensuring safe, quality battery packs for your design.

Our short lead times, impeccable attention to detail, and exacting quality control standards result in rapid TTM (Time to Market) and reduced costs for our customers. Connect with Resistacap Energy Products. You provide the product—we’ll supply the power

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